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                                ††††††††† HAIRY-FOOTED FLOWER BEE Anthophora plumipes (m)




New Books:

         David is in the process of publishing an ongoing series of high quality full colour hardback books. In order to cater for individual customer requirements some of these titles are also available in smaller and/or softcover formats and as their contents may be viewed in full on-line by using this hyperlink: https://www.bobbooks.co.uk/bookshop/search/-/-/-/45089 any potential purchasers are advised to take full advantage of this facility prior to buying any books. Further information and illustrations of the front covers of most of the available titles may also be seen at: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/davidelement/bookcovers.htm.


Photoshot Gallery


         A gallery of Davidís photographs available for purchase at high resolution from the Photoshot Agency may be viewed at: http://www.photoshot.com/search_frame.jsp?submited=1&&&page=search.jsp&no_providers=1&no_orientation=1&no_extras_options=1&sorting=sort_rel&h_cid=&p_cid%5B0%5D=&al=1&srcIn=&from_date=&to_date=&keywords=b3432+b3875&search_method=0&isid%5B%5D=4&cid%5B0%5D=ALL_C_ED&cid%5B1%5D=&rnd=1syOcuHO .



         See https://plus.google.com/110916630238965221876/posts/p/pub for up to date information about Davidís films and publications.



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                      ††††††††††† ††††††††† BLACK GUILLEMOT Cepphus grylle (m)





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